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Terms and conditions for NEFT / RTGS
Note :  
1. I/We will execute NEFT/RTGS from my/our bank within 2 days of creating this slip, post which funds may be refunded and required service may not be rendered.
2. Beneficiary Account Number mentioned in this Challan slip is applicable for current transaction only. For any other or new transaction, kindly initiate a new transaction workflow from merchant's website only.
3. NEFT/RTGS should be initiated by using person to person bank account transfer only [R41 mode only]. In case you are requesting your bank branch to initiate NEFT/RTGS on your behalf, it must be specifically using R41 mode only. Using any other mode for transfer of funds will be treated as invalid and required services will not be rendered.
4. NEFT/RTGS transfer amount should be an exact match with transaction amount mentioned on this slip (including paisa). Do not round off the transfer amount even for the second decimal place.
5. I/We will not initiate multiple NEFT/RTGS by breaking the amount in more than one part. Such EFTs will be treated as invalid transactions and required service will not be delivered.
6. NEFT/RTGS should be initiated from the sender's bank account only as any refund/reversal will be credited in the same bank account.
7. It is sender's responsibility to ensure that the bank account is enabled for incoming NEFT/RTGS in case of refunds.
8. A nominal amount may be charged to the sender towards refund processing for invalid transactions / Refunds.
9. Bank of India customers are requested to visit branch and make the transaction through CBS menu by choosing BILLDESK option.